Bhapa Doi or baked yogurt is a famous dessert of Bengal.Its taste is heavenly, generally we all find it in the halwai shop but it can be easily prepared at our home.I have used caramelized sugar in this recipe and it is brownish in color and tastes better than normal bhapa doi.So Lets have a look for the ingredients of the delicious recipe….

Cooking Time : 1 hour
Serving : 5-6
Recipe Type : Dessert
Recipe Cuisine : Bengal,India
Author : Sritama

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Ingredients :
                     1. 1 cup full fat curd or yogurt
                     2. 300 gm condensed milk
                     3. 2 tablespoon caramelised sugar(optional)
                     4. some mixed dry fruits (for garnishing )
                     5. 1 teaspoon ghee

               Step 1 : use full fat curd or hang curd to make this bhapa doi or baked curd.Make sure that.Mix condensed milk in the curd and whisk it for 5 minutes .Add caramelised sugar in the batter and whisk it again .

            Step 2 : Take a cooker and boil some water in it . Take a baking container and grease it with ghee.Pour the mixture in the container and tap it,close the container with lid or aluminium foil.Now Put the container in the cooker carefully.And cover the cooker lid.Don’t forget to open the whistle of the cooker.Bake it for 35-40 minutes on medium flame.

             Step 3 : After cooling down the cooker open the baking container and refrigerate it for few hours.Ready our chilled tasty & delicious Baked yogurt or bhapa doi.

Happy Cooking …🌝🌝

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