Aam Ki Chutney Recipe-Sweet & Spicy Mango Chutney-Quick Raw Mango Chutney

Aam Ki Chutney Recipe-Sweet & Spicy Mango Chutney-Quick Raw Mango Chutney


In this scorching summer give yourself a breather by trying out this Sweet Sour & a little spicy Chutney made from Summer Special Raw Mango. It is a great appetizer after a heavy meal and helps to cool off your stomach.So, do try this recipe this summer and give me you feedback. Also share it with your friends & family.KEEP SHARING…KEEP SUPPORTING…🙂🙂


Cooking Time : 20 minutes approx.

Serving : 12-14 people.

Recipe type: Dessert.

Recipe Category : Indian


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Ingredients :

                       1. 600-700 gm Raw Mango (5 pieces)
                      2. 600 gm Sugar
                      3. 1 Bay Leaf
                     4. 2 Dry Red Chillies
                     5. 1 tablespoon Panchphoron(Cumin Seeds+Mustard Seeds+Fenugreek                                                     Seeds+Nigella Seeds+Fennel Seeds)
                    6. 1/4 teaspoon Black Mustard Seeds
                    7.  Special Dry Roasted Masala(Panchphoron+Dry Red Chillie)
                   8. 25 gm Raisins(Kish Mish)
                   9. 25 gm Cashew Nuts(Kaju)
                 10. 1 teaspoon Salt

11. 1 small cup of Water 

                12. 3-4 tablespoon Mustard Oil to fry


                       Step 1 : At first cut the raw mangoes into pieces & soak them in turmeric water for 10 minutes so that the slight bitterness of  raw mango goes away.

                   Step 2 : Turn on the gas flame. Take mustard oil in a pan. After the oil gets heated add the bay leaf, dry red chillies, panchphoron & the mustard seeds to it and saute for few seconds. Then add the Raw Mango pieces into it and cook it for 6-7 minutes with the pan lid on until the mango pieces get soft.

                     Step 3 : After 6-7 minutes add salt to it and then add one small cup of water and let it cook for 3-4 minutes.After 3-4 minutes add Sugar to it and let it cook till the sugar gets boiled.

                    Step 4 : After 2 minutes when the sugar completely melts down add the Raisins and the Cashew Nuts, stir the mixture well & cook for 2 minutes.After 2 minutes when the chutney reaches the perfect consistency temper it with the Special Dry Roasted Masala , mix it properly.Now turn off the gas flame.

                                 Here our super quick Sweet & Tangy Raw Mango Chutney or Kachche Aam Ki Khatti Meethi Chutney is ready to be served with steamed rice or paratha.

Happy Cooking…🌝

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