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Hello,Welcome to Sritama's Kitchen.I am Sritama,Here my prime focus is to show how to make Authentic Indian Dishes in an easy way and in a short span of time with the help of easily available ingredients. Here you'll see a step by step cooking guidance of making quick,delicious and popular Indian recipes,Bengali Recipes,Chinese Recipes.Regular cooking Tips & Tricks will also be provided in very simple way so that you can easily make use of them.I will show you the Most Popular Recipes from various states of India in easy and very simple way with step by step guide.You'll also find occasional Global Veg Recipes with Indian fusion. My own innovations will also come up time & again. So,Please Check them out.

Sritama's Kitchen-Youtube Channel

In my Youtube Channel you will find a variety of delicious Indian dishes cooked in easy & innovative way.So, don't forget to check it out...