Bhindi Masala | Masala Okra

Bhindi Masala | Masala Okra

Bhindi Masala | Masala Okra

Bhindi Masala or Masala Okra

Bhindi Masala is such a dish that is very close to our hearts. In summer days or in winter this dish is tend to be prepared most often. I have prepared it in different style making it more tasty and spicy. Try it and share your feedback with me. ALSO SHARE THIS RECIPE WITH YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY…KEEP SHARING…KEEP SUPPORTING…

Preparation Time : 20-25 minutes approx.

Recipe Type : Curry

Serving : 4-5 people

Recipe Cuisine : Indian.

Author : Sritama

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Bhindi Masala

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Ingredients :

                               1. 500 gm Bhindi

                               2. 2 Bay Leaves

                               3. 1/2 tsp Jeera

                               4.Whole Spices

                               5. 1/3 tsp Hing

6. Paste of 1 Onion

                               7. 1 tbsp Ginger-Garlic Paste

                               8. 1 tbsp Besan

                               9. 1 tsp Turmeric Powder

                              10. 1/2 tsp Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder

                             11. 1 tsp Coriander Powder

                             12. 1/2 tsp Cumin Powder

                             13. 1/3 tsp Garam Masala Powder

  14. Puree of 1 Tomato

                             15. 2-3 tbsp Curd

                             16. Coriander Leaves

                             17. Salt to Taste


                             19. Water as Required

 : Method :

At first cut all the bhindis in half and wash them properly. Then we need to dry them off completely. Now take oil in a pan and fry all the bhindis. Sprinkle a little turmeric powder for quick fry. When done take them out. In the same oil add bay leaves, whole spices and jeera and saute for a while. Add a little hing too. After few seconds add onion paste and ginger-garlic paste and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add salt to taste for quick cooking.

Now we shall prepare a special masala in those 2 minutes. Take a bowl and add all the powdered masalas together and make a powder mixture to use later. No after 2 minutes add tomato puree and cook for a while. Then after a while add curd by lowering the gas flame. Mix properly and cook the gravy by covering the pan. Now add the special powdered mixture that we have prepared and salt to taste and mix well. Then add water as required. When the gravy starts to release oil, put all the fried bhindis in the gravy. Now left it to cook for a while in low flame. After a while add garam masala powder and coriander powder as finisher, mix well and here our super tasty and spicy Bhindi Masala is ready.

 Here, our Spicy & Tasty Bhindi Masala is ready. Prepared in different style, its taste will blow you away… Try it now.

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