Chilli Paneer in 2 Minutes

Chilli Paneer in 2 Minutes

Yes you heard it right. Today we shall make Tasty & Spicy Chilli Paneer in just 2 minutes. Now who doesn’t like to prepare such an alluring dish in no time ?  So it is a must try and share your feedbacks with me. ALSO SHARE THIS RECIPE WITH YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY…KEEP SHARING…KEEP SUPPORTING…


Preparation Time : 2-5 minutes approx(combining all the processes for cooking)

Recipe Type : Curry

Serving : 4-5 people

Recipe Cuisine : Indo-Chinese.

Author : Sritama


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Ingredients :

                               1. 300 gm. Paneer

                               2. 1 Chopped Onion

                               3. 6-7 Grated Garlic

                               4.1 tsp Grated Ginger

                               5. 2 Chopped Green Chillies

                               6. Some Chopped Red & Green Capsicum

                               7. 2 tbsp Soya Sauce

                               8. 2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup

                               9. 1 tsp Schezwan Chutney

                             10. 1 tbsp Cornflour

                              11. 1 tsp All Purpose Flour (Maida)

                              12. Sal to taste

                              13. 1/2 tsp Black Pepper Powder

                              14. 1 tsp Vinegar

                              15. Chopped Spring Onion

                              16. 2 tbsp Oil

                              17. 1.2 Cup Water


: Method :

Special Quote : Now to make Chilli Paneer in just 2 minutes we need some prerequisites. At first we must chop all the veggies beforehand, prepare the cornflour-maida mixture and pre-heat the pan to start cooking instantly. And, most importantly we need not marinate & fry the paneer cubes separately. Thats all….

  • In the pre-heated pan add onion, garlic, ginger and green chillies and saute all of them on high flame. As this is an Indo-Chinese dish, we shall prepare it entirely on high flame . Now add two types of capsicum and salt to taste and then add soya sauce, tomato ketchup and water as required and continue cooking on high flame. Then add schezwan chutney(you can use green chutney too) and the all necessary thickening agent i.e. Cornflour-Maida mixture and stir it continuously. You’ll see the gravy becoming thicker. Then by adding black pepper powder we shall put all the paneer cubes in it and mix it very well with the gravy. Then add little spring onion and a little vinegar to bring a bit tangy taste. You can cover the pan for a minute to enhance the taste or you can serve it hot instantly.

 Here, our Tasty & Spicy Chilli Paneer is ready in just 2 minutes. Isn’t it unbelievable ? Now try it now and enjoy its amazing taste.


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