Gajar ka halwa or Gajar Ka Gajrela


 Gajar ka halwa or Gajar Ka Gajrela is a very popular Indian dish.It is very healthy and amazing mouth watering dessert,very simple to cook.I made the recipe in north Indian style.Do try this yummy dish and let me know. I will be waiting for your feedback..🌝

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Cooking Time : 15-20 minutes

Serving : 4-5 people

Recipe Category : Indian Dessert
Author : Sritama

Ingredients : 

                       1. 500 gm grated carrots
                       2. 25 gms chopped cashew nuts & almonds
                       3. 15 gms raisin
                       4. 125 gm sugar
                       5. 2 tablespoon ghee
                       6. 1 teaspoon smashed green cardamom
                       7. 1/2 litre full cream milk
                       8. 2 bayleaves 

Lets learn how to prepare it -🌝

Method : 

                  Step 1  : Heat a pan & add ghee in it,let it melt.Now give bay leaves,and grated carrots in it & fry it for 5-6 minutes on medium flame.Stir it cotiniously.


                  Step 2 : After 5 minutes add milk in it and cook it for 8 -9 minutes on medium flame covering a lid.Opening the lid check the carrot.Now give sugar and dry fruits & stir it on medium flame. Add smashed cardamom, keep stirring for a while. Now turn off the flame .Here it is ready your tasty & delicious quick carrot halwa.

Happy cooking…🌝

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