Gokul Pithe / Special Pitha Recipe/ Popular Bengali Puli Pitha Recipe


Gokul Pithe / Special Pitha Recipe / बंगाली गोकुल पीठा / Popular Bengali Puli Pitha Recipe / Winter Special Pitha Recipe / Traditional Bengali Sweet

Pitha is a famous bengali dessert recipe.It is prepared during winter season specially in the month of January.It is a festival food.Making this recipe is very easy and simple.It tastes so delicious & yummy.So do try this mouth watering sweet recipe and let me know how it is….
  Preparation Time : 25-30 Minutes approx
  Serving : 6-7  person
  Recipe Type : Dessert


 Author : Sritama

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   1. 150 gm.all purpose flour
                                              2. 150 gm. mawa or kheer
                                              3. 50 gm tblspn rice flour
                                              4. 1 cup descicated coconut
                                              5. 1 cup sugar
                                              6. some raisin (optional)
                                              7. 4-5 crushed small green cardamom & 1 big cardamom,1/4 tspn saunf (fennel seeds)
                                              8. oil to fry
                                              9. 1 cup of milk
                                             10. 1/2 cup jaggery


                 At first take a bowl and pour maida,rice flour,sugar,saunf one by one. Mix all the dry ingredients & pour the milk& water gradually and whisk it well for 5-7 minutes.Now cover the bowl with a lid.Make sure that the mixture should not be thin.Rather it should be thick & pour the gobi florets in the mixture and coat them well.

Take a pan and give coconut,mawa and jaggery one by one on the heat pan.Mix them for some minutes until the mixture gets sticky & thick.Add raisin & crushed cardamom in the mixture & stir well.Now take the mixture out from the pan and let it cool.Next shape the all pithas. pour all the pithas in the batter mixture and coat them well with spoon or hand.
Now Turn on the gas and take a pan on it.Give oil in it and heat the oil enough to fry the pitha.Now give the coated pithas and fry them until golden from both sides.Take them out from the pan and keep it on a tissue paper & keep aside.


Now, it’s time to make the sugar syrup. Take one cup of water in a pan and add sugar. Then, boil the mixture for 5-7 minutes on medium flame. Keep stirring it in between.Give big cardamom crushed in it and stir it.Check the syrup for the correct consistency


Now add all the fried pithas in the sugar syrup and stir continuously for 15-20 minutes.Then switch off the gas and keep the mixture aside till the boondies absorb the sugar syrup and gets cool.


Ready our winter special Gokul Pitha Recipe.Serve it hot or chilled & Garnish it with toppings of sliced pistachios and chopped almonds. Take a bite and feel the amazing taste. Enjoy the festive season with this awesome sweet dish…

Happy cooking….


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