Home Made Chocolate | Valentine’s Day Special

Home Made Chocolate

Home Made Chocolate | Valentine’s Day Special

This Valentine’s Day try this special Home made Chocolates made from only 3 ingredients.Make this once and you can refrigerate it for days long. So give it a try and share your feedbacks with me. ALSO SHARE THIS RECIPE WITH YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY…KEEP SHARING…KEEP SUPPORTING…

Preparation Time : 5 minutes

Recipe Type : Sweets/Dessert

Serving : 6-7 people

Recipe Cuisine : Indian.

Author : Sritama

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Ingredients :

                               1. 5-6 tbsp Powdered Sugar

                               2. 4-5 tbsp Cocoa Powder

                               3. 70 gm. Butter

4. Chopped Almonds

: Method :

* At first take powdered sugar & cocoa powder in a large bowl by straining them separately for finer texture. Now mix them well with spoon. Now on gas heat some water in a large pan and then place a kadai above it.

*  Now put the powdered mixture in the kadai and add butter in it. You’ll see the mixture melting along with the butter. Stirr it continuously to bring it to a silky smooth consistency. When done, take a chocolate mould and pour the chocolate mixture in it. Add some chopped almonds. You can take chocolate mould with any shapes of your choice. Now keep the chocolate mould in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

After 2-3 hours take it out and our yummy and crunchy Chocolate is ready at home. Place one inside your mouth and it will melt inside it…Enjoy…


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