Kulcha Recipe | Soft Punjabi Kulcha

Kulcha Recipe | Soft Punjabi Kulcha

Hello friends…today I am sharing with you a new variation of a very special and well known Kulcha Recipe. This Kulcha is so soft and savouring that it’ll simply blow you away. Do try it at home & let me know your feedbacks…ALSO SHARE THIS RECIPE WITH YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY…KEEP SHARING…KEEP SUPPORTING…

Cooking Time : 30 minutes(Excluding the time of Proofing).

Serving : 4-5 people.

Recipe type: Roti-Paratha/Street Food.

Recipe Category : Indian.

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Ingredients :

                         1. 250 gm. Maida(All purpose flour)

                         2. 1 tbsp Instant Yeast

                         3. 1/2 Cup Lukewarm Water

                         4. 1 tbsp Sugar

                         5. 2 tbsp Butter

                         6. 1 tsp Salt

                         7. 1 tsp Baking Soda

                        8. Milk as required

                        9Chopped Coriander Leaves

: Method :

                       * At first take lukewarm water in a bowl and add sugar and instant yeast. Mix it well and leave the mixture for 10 mixture. After 10 minutes you’ll see that the yeast mixture has doubled up in volume. Now add All Purpose Flour(Maida), Salt and Butter and start knead with the help of your hands. Add Milk as required to maintain the moisture. Keep kneading till a very soft dough is made. Now cover the dough with a cotton cloth and keep it aside for at least 2 hours for proofing.

                       * After 2 hours you’ll see the change in the dough. It has doubled up in size. You can see the difference in the picture below….

This is very much necessary for preparing the softest kulcha that we are about to make. Now knead the dough again for a while. Now take a generous portion of the dough, tap it flat with hand and roll it into slightly bigger oval shape. Before rolling the dough spread some chopped coriander leaves over it. We’ll prepare around 4 kulchas from the entire dough.

                       * Now we’ll roast the kulchas. Take the other side of the kulcha where we haven’t put coriander leaves. Brush some water on that side and place that side on a heated tawa. After a few seconds the kulcha will stick to the tawa. Now flit the tawa along with the kulcha and place it over the bare burner for a minute. When the kulcha is properly roasted take it out of the tawa and take it out on a platter. Roast all the kulchas in the same way. In the end when all the kulchas are ready brush butter on them to make it tastier.

                    Here, our Special Soft Punjabi Kulcha is ready to serve hot with Punjabi Chole Masala.. Take a bite & You’ll utter only one word “Wow”….

Happy Cooking…🌝🌝

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