Rasmalai Recipe | Soft & Spongy Kesar Rasmalai

Rasmalai Recipe | Soft & Spongy Rasmalai

Kesar Rasmalai is a very special Indian Sweet recipe. Soft and spongy Rasgullas dipped in flavourful malai is sure to make you drool over it. Try this special halwai style spongy Kesar Rasmalai in this Diwali and give me feedback… Like & share the recipe.. Also subscribe my channel to see other delicious recipes…

Cooking Time : 1-1.30 hour approx.

Serving : 4-5 people.

Recipe type: Sweet/Dessert.

Recipe Category : Indian.

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Ingredients :

For Rasgulla :

1. 1.5 litre Full Cream Milk
2. 500 gm Sugar
3. 1.50 litre Water
4. 1 teaspoon Cornflour

5. 3 teaspoon Vinegar mixed with Water


For Malai:

1. 1.5 litre Milk
2. Some chopped Almonds & Pistachio
3. 150 gm Sugar

4. 1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder
5. Some Kesar strands & little Food Color.


: Method :

* At first boil 1.5 litres of milk in a pan and when boiled add vinegar mixed with water to make chhena out of it. Take a strainer over a big pot and place a cotton cloth over it. Now pour the chhena over it to strain the water. Now wash the chhena properly with cold water to remove any smell of vinegar. Now squeeze any remaining water from the chhena and tie up the chhena in the same cotton cloth and hang it for at least an hour. Remember that the chhena should not have any water in it.

* After an hour take the chhena out of the cloth and now we shall knead it continuously for at least 8-10 minutes till the chhena becomes smooth and fine. While we knead the chhena heat 1.5 of water in a pan and add sugar in it to make sugar syrup. When the kneading is done make soft and flat chhena balls out of it . Now when the sugar syrup is ready put all the chhena balls in it carefully and let them boil.

* On the other hand to make malai we shall boil milk on medium flame continuously till it becomes thick and gather malai. When done add chopped almonds and pistachios and little kesar and food colour and give a proper mix. Now add sugar and cardamom powder and let it boil for a while. Now when the chhena balls are boiled after 15 minutes add them one by one in the malai by squeezing out all the water from them.

* Now its time to wait for the chhena balls to absorb the malai to become the perfect Rasmalai.

After at least 4-5 hours here our Soft, Spongy & Juicy Rasmalai is ready to serve. Enjoy this Shahi dessert dish this Diwali.


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